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Yes, leaderboard! The servers In times of Corona, the tourist drives take place under special rules. These rules stipulate that credits and tickets can only be purchased online - even on the road via mobile phone. On site, access to the track is possibe by QR code or card. It is forbidden to get out of the car at the main entrance to the Nordschleife.

Touristenfahrten rules

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However, the fact that drifting is forbidden isn't one of them - due to You don't require a helmet during the touristenfahrten (tourist drives). There are a lot of saftey rules which are generally followed really well. You're not allowed to time, which is why Misha removes the Race Navigator system from the windshield. 2020-12-12 · Welcome to Touristenfahrten 1.1 xD Also a reminder that we have out Touristenfahrten Monthly Endurance race. One week left to vote on our discord for the classes you wanna take.

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Nordschleife. Die Strecke ist gerade geschlossen und wird am 25.04.2021 ab 09:00 Uhr wieder für Dich geöffnet. Hier die aktuellen Öffnungszeiten für Touristenfahrten.

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Touristenfahrten rules

• We build RingToys • We rent RingToys • We look after YOUR RingToy RingToys GmbH is based at the Nürburgring, offering When it comes to taking part in Nurburgring Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) activities, there are plenty of unspoken rules.

One very important topic of late has been the use of lap timers. It is highly important to keep in mind that the Nordschleife Touristenfahrten is for everyone wanting a great experience and memory. It should be a place for petrolheads to meet up and have a great time. The rules of taxi on the Hot Lap have changed in recent years , today is allowed only during the track-day sessions or private - not in the openings to the public ' Touristenfahrten ' . But there are many dates available for you to do the Hot Lap , then please contact us … We are ready for the first Touristenfahrten of 2021 with our GoPro Hero 9 Let all follow the rules so we can continue doing what we love - driving the Nordschleife! Follow the news at our IG stories Prices & Information.
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Touristenfahrten rules

"Touristenfahrten" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMCR4hJkc_0  Jacks or Better Rules . Everybody has a theory as to the The list with all Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten Photographers.. In this list you'll find every  Drifts & Almost Crashes! Nordschleife Touristenfahrten F1's Updated 2021 Rules Explained - Everything You Need To Know.

Unlimited number of people on track at the same time (up to 10,000 on busy days!) You pay a entry ticket per lap (Up to €30 / lap) People just turn up and drive, not everyone knows the rules Be they official or unspoken, the rules that govern Nurburgring Touristenfahrten events are simple and one of the most important ones has to do with keeping left when faster cars aim to pass. Note: I have posted this exact same topic 3 february 2013 at the WMD Forum. Where I got some great response, feedback and 112 likes (so far). Unfortunately no official word on this. In theory, drifting is a double no-no when it comes to the Nurburgring. First of all, going round the Nordschleife bends is against Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) rules.
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Touristenfahrten rules

purchase and sale as well as the rules and regulations concerning personal data policy. COMPILATION - Nordschleife Crashes & Fails Touristenfahrten & VLN NOTE: 2019, a kind of "banger racing" but held on a track and a bit more strict rules. NÜRBURGRING GREATEST MOMENTS 2020 - Best of Nordschleife Touristenfahrten 2020. 22:42; 1,6mn. NÜRBURGRING GREATEST MOMENTS 2020 - Best  Thanks to these people it got ruined for everyone with the current drone laws in north America and Europe who can fly their drone properly and doesn't treat it  Highlights \u0026 Action 06 03 2021 Touristenfahrten Nordschleife. 109tn.

Overtaking on the right is prohibited. Everything you need to know about the rules of Nürburgring Touristenfahrten: What are the rules on track? Which vehicle can you drive with? What should you The Nürburgring motorsport complex is going to release its race track for use for touristic drives (tourist drives) on days when it is not being used for racing events or test drives. Touristenfahrten means “public driving” in German and is a concept the North American readers of this site may not be familiar with. The Nordschleife is considered to be a public toll road by the German government. This means that for about $36 any street-legal vehicle in safe condition can take a lap of the Nordschleife.
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